City of God

from by Parallel Truth



We called it survival
The stuff of life, hidden in the code
Forever spiral
Reaching out to carry us home

Collapse and withdrawal
With molten force, the slowest to dissolve
Plunged into silence
Link by link, a helix evolves

Deception, illusion
For one and all, God will provide
The ego solution
"This world is yours, and thou shalt decide"

Consciousness is not a singular event
But a shared phenomenon

Spinning through the light, the fragile sphere below
Leaving it behind, in stars the spirit grows
What takes place beyond the reach of mind
Where God and spirits dwell, answers you cannot find
Build the city up, the sands are keeping time

Towers stand like statues
To heroes bent, twisted and scorned
Bear the cross - your crown of thorns

Dead sun, dark moon
It's just a different kind of paradise
Or has your God forgotten you


For me, the stars always the stars
Out here we swim a little differently
Seek out the light, turn not away
Engage the cold silent serenity

Sirius calls me home
(I cannot, I will not)
Shed the veil, embrace divinity
(I must not, we must not)
Like motes of dust, drifting away
(deception, illusion)
God built this city
Take me home


from City of God, released June 29, 2014
Music: Jon Morrison and Junshuo Hou
Lyrics: Jon Morrison

Reggie Hache - Lead Vocals
Jon Morrison- Drums / Guitars / Bass/ Growling
Jeff Kesler - Lead Guitar
Junshuo Hou - Keyboards / Orchestration

Produced by Junshuo Hou and Jon Morrison
Vocal Producer: Peter Wisstoff
Recorded by Junshuo Hou and Jiefu Wang at Liquid Tension Music
Mixed and Mastered by Junshuo Hou
Artwork by Michael Manalo



all rights reserved


Parallel Truth Melbourne, Australia

Parallel Truth is a collaborative project, currently based in parts of Australia, China, Canada, and the USA

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