Life I've Lost

from by Parallel Truth



A door opens before my eyes
I cannot help but wander through
I do not know what lies on the other side
Mirrored reflections of the truth

I know this place but it seems different
Everything slightly out of sync
Try to go back through the door, but it's closed
And that's left's a faint glimmer

Pictures of the life I lived but it's not me
(and the needle tears a hole)
Struggle to remember but I'm losing who I am
Shapes and patterns infinite they cease to be
(and I'm losing all control)
Help me to regain the life I've lost
(can you help me get back?)

I cannot help but feel abandoned
But those in whom I trusted most
Another world begins to take control
Memories flood into the host.


Someone infiltrates my dreams
The darkest corners of my mind
The other world fades away as I come rushing back
To fight for the life that was mine.



from City of God, track released February 5, 2012
Music: Jon Morrison, Jeff Kesler and Junshuo Hou
Lyrics: Jon Morrison

Reggie Hache - Lead Vocals
Jon Morrison - Drums / Guitars / Growling
Kyle Roche - Bass
Junshuo Hou - Keyboards / Orchestration

Produced by Junshuo Hou and Jon Morrison
Vocal Producer: Peter Wisstoff
Recorded by Junshuo Hou and Jiefu Wang at Liquid Tension Music
Mixed and Mastered by Junshuo Hou



all rights reserved


Parallel Truth Melbourne, Australia

Parallel Truth is a collaborative project, currently based in parts of Australia, China, Canada, and the USA

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