City of God

by Parallel Truth

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released June 29, 2014

Produced by Junshuo Hou and Jon Morrison
Recorded by Junshuo Hou and Jiefu Wang
Mixed and Mastered by Junshuo Hou
Produced at Liquid Tension Music
Artworks by Michael Manalo

Jon Morrison- Drums / Guitars / Percussion / Growling / Background Vocals/ Bass (tracks 1 & 6)
Junshuo Hou - Keyboards / Orchestration
Jeff Kesler - Lead Guitar
Kyle Roche - Bass
Reggie Hache - Lead and Background Vocals
James Lawrence - Lead Vocals (track 4)
Rick Morrison - Saxophone (track 5)



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Parallel Truth Melbourne, Australia

Parallel Truth is a collaborative project, currently based in parts of Australia, China, Canada, and the USA

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Track Name: City of God
We called it survival
The stuff of life, hidden in the code
Forever spiral
Reaching out to carry us home

Collapse and withdrawal
With molten force, the slowest to dissolve
Plunged into silence
Link by link, a helix evolves

Deception, illusion
For one and all, God will provide
The ego solution
"This world is yours, and thou shalt decide"

Consciousness is not a singular event
But a shared phenomenon

Spinning through the light, the fragile sphere below
Leaving it behind, in stars the spirit grows
What takes place beyond the reach of mind
Where God and spirits dwell, answers you cannot find
Build the city up, the sands are keeping time

Towers stand like statues
To heroes bent, twisted and scorned
Bear the cross - your crown of thorns

Dead sun, dark moon
It's just a different kind of paradise
Or has your God forgotten you


For me, the stars always the stars
Out here we swim a little differently
Seek out the light, turn not away
Engage the cold silent serenity

Sirius calls me home
(I cannot, I will not)
Shed the veil, embrace divinity
(I must not, we must not)
Like motes of dust, drifting away
(deception, illusion)
God built this city
Take me home
Track Name: Beyond Salvation Pt.1
I wake into a lucid dream
A glimpse of things that should have been
The sky grows black, yet even still
The light surrounds me, burns my skin
It hurts

I stand alone atop the peak
What retribution can I seek
The last remaining soul is cast, into the void
I claim the throne alone at last

I scream, but no one's there
An exercise in futility
Swallow the pain
I live to see the end of days

Look to the dawn
It's warmth cleanses your sins
The sun has gone
Yet the light burns through my skin
Track Name: Life I've Lost
A door opens before my eyes
I cannot help but wander through
I do not know what lies on the other side
Mirrored reflections of the truth

I know this place but it seems different
Everything slightly out of sync
Try to go back through the door, but it's closed
And that's left's a faint glimmer

Pictures of the life I lived but it's not me
(and the needle tears a hole)
Struggle to remember but I'm losing who I am
Shapes and patterns infinite they cease to be
(and I'm losing all control)
Help me to regain the life I've lost
(can you help me get back?)

I cannot help but feel abandoned
But those in whom I trusted most
Another world begins to take control
Memories flood into the host.


Someone infiltrates my dreams
The darkest corners of my mind
The other world fades away as I come rushing back
To fight for the life that was mine.

Track Name: September's End
I'm staring out the window
and the things I see are never
meant to last forever

The wind is always blowing
flowing like the ocean will it
carry me away

Away from nights of sorrow
Bring the rain to erode
the tattered memories of the days gone by
But will it come to carry me away

I'm staring out the window
Her shadow is reflected
I cannot reject it
The best days I remember
ended in September
carrying away

A heart that's lost and broken
when words were left unspoken
My shattered memories of the day she died
But has it come to carry me away

Seasons they will change
never to remain
Pictures turn to grey
But has it come to carry me away

The wind is always blowing
and with it comes the rain (wash it all away)
It washes all the memories away
But can it ease my pain

I've traced these lines a thousand times for you
going through my mind
and I've found
things I never wanted to know

One step through the doorway
I see the path before me
desolate and empty

No matter which direction
currents guide connections
that could carry me away

Seasons they have changed
never to remain
Until the day I can forget her name
I will walk this haunted path alone

The wind is always blowing
and with it comes the rain (wash it all away)
It washes all the memories away
But can it ease my pain

The wind is always (the wind always blows)
Will there be no rain (will there be no rain)
The sun has set forever (on me)
Carry me away
Track Name: Beyond Salvation Pt2
Twilight fades as dawn draws near
Night turns to day
Crystal tears, like snowflakes, fall and melt away

Through barren streets and frozen fields
Over and on
I wander forever alone

Am I awake? Is this a dream
For the blinding light surrounds me
The salvation that I seek
Lies beyond the depths of me

Where shall I go
What shall I do
When can I stop counting

Every day and every night
Since almost but never was
When can I stop fighting?


In a lucid dream: awake
Hesitation I must forsake
To attain some peace of mind
Paralyzed. What will I find

Rotten inside, struggling to attain serenity

Shackles that bind, hope gives way to perfect symmetry

Aspirations reduced to ash
Strength leeched from my very bones
My heart breaks, quietly dying inside
Knowing that I’m forever alone

Tears through my veins
Despising myself for my failures

Consuming me, for I am beyond salvation

I scream, but no one’s there
And exercise in futility
There is no derision
The end of days is near

I scream, but no one’s there
Swallow the pain

I stand atop the peak
My kingdom far below
So tranquil in it’s perfectness

Go on, take the crown
Do not look down
Awaken to nothing


In a lucid dream awake
Hesitation I must forsake
To achieve some peace of mind
Terrified; What will I find